Gemini horoscope for february 27

They represent a kernel of possibility, of hope. Children will be a source of fortuitous tidings for you.

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Professionally you will excel thanks to a twin ability to pay attention to detail and to dazzle others with winning charisma. Your personal life can feel turbulent and you may be prone to depression.

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Plans that you had set in motion may not work out as you expected. You may feel a lack of self-confidence.

Gemini horoscope for February 27, 2014

Do not be hard on yourself dear Gemini, gentleness is key. Focus on your own health and the fundamental tenets of nutrition, sleep and exercise.

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Put this first. Your mind is a powerful, but also delicately wired machine. Your mood is both playful and dramatic today and you are going to be attracted to all things beautiful. This may lead to some unplanned and unnecessary expenditure.

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All your pursuits today will have an aesthetic touch. You may also go for some beauty treatment. You are going to be in a jovial mood all day and this will create conviviality in your workplace as well.

Gemini Daily Horoscope February 27 2015

The day is best suited for a complete change in your health and fitness regime. You are likely to start a new routine of exercise or other physical activities today. You will feel a surge of enthusiasm to take special care of your health.

However, you need to realize that your mind is intimately linked with your physical health and one will not improve without a corresponding improvement in the other. It is vital that you now communicate your needs and desires to your partner in a clear manner.

Gemini Daily Horoscope for February 27

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