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Compassionate and gentle, you ' re someone others can ' t help but adore. You always put the needs of your loved ones above your own, helping them as best you can. Because everyone loves you, it ' s obvious you ' re a dolphin. Has anyone ever said anything bad about these smiling creatures? You ' re also a water sign, so you feel at home when you ' re swimming in some body of water.

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Dolphins are also known for being one of the smartest animals, and you ' re one intelligent human being. Your energy knows no bounds, Aries. You ' re constantly staying active, both mentally and physically, because you cannot stand to stay still for long. Wolves share this characteristic with you, always running around with the members of their pack.

They ' re also known for showcasing strong leadership qualities, which is something you know all too well. If there ' s one person everyone trusts to get the job done, it ' s you. Yet you both are known for being a bit moody and aggressive whenever you don ' t get your ways. You ' re certainly the most reliable sign of the zodiac, Taurus.

There ' s no one anyone would rather turn to in their time of need than you. You ' re all about routine, tending to avoid change as often as possible.

Bears follow a pretty strict schedule that they never stray from what, with their hibernation patters and all , so there ' s one thing you have in common. You also like nice things, but you ' re not afraid to work for them. Bears are the same way, but moreso when it comes to finding food. If they want salmon, they ' ll get salmon. You ' re most similar to a gorilla, Gemini. You ' re a gentle and affectionate human being. Same goes for gorillas, though they may not look it. You are a very social person, always curious about what others have to say or what they ' re doing.

Gorillas are also quick learners, such as yourself. You ' re a pretty loyal person, always there for the ones you love, but you also tend to be a bit aloof from time to time.

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In this way, you ' re definitely like a cat. Those closes to you mean the world to you, but you have a funny way of showing it. Cats are known for their wishy-washy personalities, tending to be pretty difficult to understand. But you do like keeping things that way, because you ' re afraid others will hurt you. After all, you ' re more sensitive than you lead on, Cancer. You probably already saw this coming, but you ' re definitely a lion, Leo.

These radiant creatures are known as the kings and queens of the jungle, a title you, yourself, hold in the human kingdom. Lions are constantly marveled at and regarded as some truly magnificent creatures. They love this type of admiration, and so do you.

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They are patient and strong — allowing them to withstand extreme weather conditions in the Arctic. Like the Taurus, they can be aggressive when provoked. Did You Know: Polar bears are actually black! Just like the twins in the astrological sign, there are many faces to a Gemini.

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On one hand, the Gemini people are intelligent and adaptable to situations. They are curious and inquisitive beings that are always ready to learn new things and experience new environments. On the other hand, Gemini is also known to be superficial, forming opinions without having an in-depth understanding of the situation. A reflection of the typical characteristics found in Geminis, the fox is also clever and witty. The curious nature of the fox leads it to roam and investigate its surrounding. The fox is also energetic and quick on its feet but can sometimes be impulsive and devious.

Did You Know: The arctic fox is known to be able to handle the cold far better than most animals. It is able to withstand the cold up until degrees Celsius! Cancers are perhaps the most intriguing of the horoscope signs simply because it is naturally reserved. Individuals born under the Cancer sign are intuitive and sentimental. They are family-driven, sensitive, emotional and sympathetic.

While it is difficult for a Cancer to open up to others, they are very attached to those they are close to. They will generally lend a helping hand to others in conflict but are just as quick to avoid any kind of conflict. Tortoises retreat into their shell when in unfamiliar surrounding and will only emerge once they feel safe.

These gentle beings are emotional yet wise. Did You Know : Many tortoise species outlive humans, but the Giant Aldabra tortoise has one of the longest lifespans, of up to two centuries long! Those born under this astrological sign are usually outgoing and thrives in a social setting, where their friends are many and loyal. Leos are also known to be generous and often possess a good sense of humor. However, they can also be stubborn and arrogant. When left unchecked, Leos can become self-centered.

The spirit animal of a Leo is, without a doubt, the lion — king of the jungle. Just like the Leo, lions are dominant and strong and leaders of the pack. Male lions are also often lazy, allowing the females to do the hunting while it waits for its meals. Did You Know : The lion is a member of the Big Five and thought to be the most powerful creatures in the animal kingdom. Are you a lion or a lioness? Details are very important to Virgos. Being the most careful sign in the zodiac, Virgos have a keen eye for detail, and as such, approach everything from an analytical manner.

Virgos prefer structure and values practicality in their daily lives. Virgos are often introverted and shy but are fiercely loyal. Mandrills make the perfect spirit animal for Virgos due to their inherently shy nature.

Much like the Virgo, mandrills are beautiful creatures with blue and red skin on their faces. Like most primates, mandrills live in troops and prefer the company of their family, where they feel most secure.

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Just like the scales of their sign, Libras love justice and equality. They are great team players, valuing partnership and cooperation above all. Similar to the Libra, gray wolves are loyal creatures that live in packs of 7 to 8 animals. As a pack, gray wolves develop strong social bonds and work together for food and shelter.

Scorpios are resourceful, determined and goal-oriented individuals. Scorpios make great leaders as they are dedicated to what they do and will work relentlessly to achieve their goals. On the flip side, Scorpios can also be jealous and violent when they feel they are threatened. They are able to recall water sources even if they are located a great distance away. The Sagittarius has a need for freedom, which makes it the most well-traveled sign among the zodiacs. Extrovert and optimistic, Sagittarius embraces change and enjoy discovering new thoughts and philosophies.

However, their thirst for freedom also makes them impatient and tactless in certain situations. Capricorns are grounded, responsible and self-disciplined. Often seen as very serious by nature, Capricorns make great managers as they are practical and make the best out of the circumstances they are given.

However, their grounded and disciplined nature may also make them somewhat distant and unforgiving. Though considered one of the smaller species of African wildlife , the elephant shrew is very hard working. They work together with their mate to defend their home territory. Elephant shrews are very seldom seen and are difficult to trap.