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Customer care 10am — 6pm, India. Pisces and Leo Nature and Nuances It is difficult to predict whether two completely opposite personalities — one being the lion and fire and other being the fish and water will emerge as a successful couple or not. They like to socialize a lot and will always prefer to keep good company around them.

They will try their best to lure others for their company.

Pisces Star in Urdu – Burj Hoot Personality and Characteristics – برج حوت

They are very emotional and sensible and tend to have a sense of compassion for all the living creatures around them. People with zodiac sign Leo is known as the king of the zodiac chart who is a very arrogant yet compassionate creature.

Leos are generally hard-working and ambitious in their life. They like to be the center of attraction and will always be attracted by the luxuries of life. They are also excellent leaders who will emerge as an inspiration to others. Pisces and Leo Love Compatibility Their love relationship is full of passion, warmth, and dynamism. They both are expressive when it comes to revealing their feelings to each other.

Pisces will be attracted by the visible mental strength and determination of the Leo while Leo will be attracted by the warm and compassionate nature of the Pisces. But it will be difficult for both of them to decide whether they will be able to stay together for a long period of time or not as there will be a lot of differences between them when it comes to opinions even on the basic little things. Pros and Cons of Pisces and Leo Compatibility Pros of the Pisces Leo Relationship: The biggest advantage of their relationship is that both of them believe that love has got secret powers to fulfill their lives.

Both of them will go to any extent to keep their partners happy and feel loved in their relationship. The Lion will appreciate the core qualities of the Pisces who has an unending warmth and compassion for all the living beings.

Pisces Horoscope - Major Life Changes to expect!

While generous nature of Leo man and woman will help the Pisces to feel loved and secure. Cons of the Pisces Leo Relationship: Like every other couple, these Leo Pisces will also face problems though they have a lot of similarities between them.

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Leo has a very adventurous and impatient nature which will make it difficult for them to survive with Pisces who like to do things at their own pace. Leo might start feeling that their independence is at stake because of the possessive nature of the Pisces. They will have strong communication with each other but at times they will misunderstand each other which can create conflicts.

Hurt his feelings and, although he will instantly forgive you, he will find extremely difficult to recover. In the long term, this may lead to him closing up in order to avoid being hurt again. Allow him his flights of fantasy.

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Join in from time to time. If you can apply your practical skills to help make his dreams become reality, he will be forever in your debt, viewing you as an almost magical figure in his life. Everyone wants a sensitive man. The question is how sensitive? The Pisces man can make the weepiest of your girlfriends seem like the Terminator.

Pisces Star (برج حوت) Complete Analysis Of Personality, Future, Love And About PISCES Women

You may feel like your permanently walking on eggshells, which can be pretty exhausting. In extreme cases, his flights of fantasy can take him out of reality entirely, to the point where you may become, to a certain extent, his carer, constantly battling to bring him back down to earth and face his day to day responsibilities. He may take neediness to new heights.

Or should that be new depths? Following on from the success of our astrological Love Spells and Affirmations you guys love those things! Each affirmations has been expertly created to help you The Aries man is driven and determined. Here are some quotes straight from the mouths of famous Aries men, illustrating just what you might be letting yourself in for!

I'm addicted So, what exactly are Love Spells? Here at the Astrology of Love, we're in the business of bringing you closer to achieving the ultimate goal of finding love. We don't think you should let anything get in your way. We certainly don't think something as tawdry as money should get in the way of true All other things being equal, Harry should be the epitome of Aquarian maleness. But is he? How to attract a Pisces man In a hurry?

Share your worries and fears.

How to attract a Pisces man

Pisces men are imaginative in the bedroom and it can be exciting to go along with their amorous ideas. They are not bashful about being intimate, so their partners should be prepared to thoroughly explore the more sensual side of love. While it's true that almost anyone can make a romantic connection because of the various personal astrological charts and how they interact, some signs are just natural matches for Pisces men.

These love connections include: the following. Pisces men are creative, sensitive, and romantic, and they tend to put their lovers on a pedestal.

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  6. While this is not necessarily the best way to approach affairs of the heart, it is the Piscean way. Make time for your Pisces man, give him freedom to explore his artistic nature, and be sensitive to his feelings. Doing so can ensure the two of you have a long and loving relationship.