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He enforces un-protection, rootless-ness, homeless-ness and not-belonging. This astral expectation is manifested in the D-1 12th house Saturn which further restricts access to the sub-conscious, rest, sleep, guidance from the astral and spiritual. Thus this person never had an emotional connect with his mother or relatives, is working and living away from his home town, shifted residences several times. Has a need for emotional support which will never be granted and his spiritual practice is also highly restricted, he never sleeps properly.

So the readings from the D-9 and D-1 match. And because he knows exactly how bad it feels, he will be required to ensure that these others do not feel the same. Our life is a sequence of events. Check out the planets in the D-9 charts, their placement houses and their keywords. D-9 placements are like emotional triggers.

Vargas (Divisional Charts) in Vedic Astrology - Introduction to Vedic Astrology Course 44/52

If you can analyse them, you can heal them. Now if the D-9 also affected, eg Saturn in the 5th, this reality of disconnect will be accepted internally. But if the D-9, 5th house has a Moon placed in it, the physical reality of disconnect to the child will be severely traumatic on the sub-conscious emotional level. Thus the experience of marriage is always seen in context of the D The more intimate the relationship, the more intensely emotional the interactions. There should be some linkage between the two D-9 charts at the deepest sub-conscious levels to avoid trauma and pain of failed expectations.

The other in a relationship is often the mirror. The significant relationships of our life follow this rule to a great extent, mother-child, father-child, husband-wife, teacher-student, boss-employee are some of the relations which deeply affect our psyche. So all these experiences can be interpreted from the D-9 so you can try to improve your responses in these relationships and learn your lessons so that you can escape being caught in these learning situations again in the future lives. The D-9 is the basis on which the immediate next life will be created.

The astral moves a bit faster than the physical, thus the astral is also the seed for rebirth. Your emotional affinity and the direction of your energies is already shown here. Most important is to remain calm, focussed and actively participate at the moment of exit, this can be achieved by intellectually analysing your deepest motivations and expectations.

If you can interpret the D-9 you can change your choices for the next birth by actively redressing the imbalances shown in it. Generally no one thinks on these lines but you can redress the imbalances by.

So do remember that you always manifest what you sub-consciously expect. The truest indicator of these sub-conscious expectations is the D-9, these are the seeds of the future which will be manifested soon. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Primary Menu Home About me Index. Search Search for:. For a complete analysis of your personality you will need to analyse at least the following The birth chart with the ascendant as the first house — This is the 1st divisional chart or D The basic chart which we always refer to, the birth chart with the ascendant as the first house. This determines the physical, material and social aspects of your life.

The birth chart with the moon sign as the first house — This sets up the emotional context and the comfort zones of your personality. This is how every tangible event affects you on the emotional level. These are the real source from which the chart D-1 derives its power and context. So how to link the D-1 and the D Generally no one thinks on these lines but you can redress the imbalances by actively helping others who are suffering in the same manner as you are.

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E-mail us. Privacy Policy. As the name suggests they give finer analysis of 'Janam Patrika' to study various aspects of life. In the Varga Charts, each rasi of 30 degrees is further subdivided and new additional charts are made. There are 16 Varga or Divisional charts and they are studied to analyse the finer details, strengths and effects of the planets on the native.

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These charts are also employed to study certain specific aspects of life like spouse, marriage, Vehicles, education, children, parents, calamities, property etc. The Varga or divisional chart is to be studied in same manner to the natal chart. A planet posited in exalted, own or friendly sign would become benefic. A planet posited in angle or trine would also be benefic.

A planet, which is benefic in a maximum number of Varga charts, would become strong and auspicious to give good results. The planets acquiring strength in 'Varga charts' improve the life style of the native by giving him merits and virtues. If a planet is week in natal chart but strong and benefic in other Varga or divisional charts, it would give good results during its main or sub periods. The secret of reading any divisional chart is to read it as an independent chart and examine the Avashtha of the various Karakas therein.

The 16 Varga or Divisional Charts are given below. This chart is of great importance since this is where the analysis of a horoscope starts. It indicates health, happiness, fame, body structure, colour, complexion, habits, virtues and weaknesses of the native. All other divisional charts have to show effects subject to the overall promise of the birth chart.

All divisional charts are supplementary to the birth chart. The analysis of the birth chart is sufficient for giving predictions. But, it is always advisable to analyse other divisional charts to give predictions. This chart is seen for accumulation of wealth and the way the person is going to make his earning. For odd signs the first hora is of Sun and second hora belongs to Moon.

Even signs first hora Moon and second hora Sun. Male planets in the Sun's Hora are seen as beneficial while female planets are good in the Moon's Hora. If maximum planets are in the Sun's Hora it is said that the native earns money as a result of hard work but the wealth may be very good. If maximum planets are in Moon's Hora, the earning will be comfortable and easy. However, it becomes very important for longevity analysis also.

Remedy, FreeWill and Simple Astrology: Divisional Charts (Harmonic Charts) in Astrology

This chart is also considered to see the valour, bravery, courage, determination and hard work of the native. This chart can also be seen for the possibility of foreign immigration or change of residence. Also for fortune, luck, past birth deeds, liabilities.

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  8. It also shows influence of mother on the native, domestic life, childhood and conveyance. The Karaka of the birth chart and the placement and influences on the said divisional chart have to be observed. It shows dynasty, Sons, grandsons, their property and social status. The lordship of seven parts in odd sign starts from sign itself and it starts from the 7th sign, in case of even signs. This is used to see the actual strength of a planet.

    A Note on Divisional Charts

    An exalted planet in the birth chart and debilitated in the Navamsha, may not give very good results or it gets week. However, a planet getting powerful in Navamsha by getting position of vargottama or by getting exalted will give good results. Apart from this, Navamsha chart is used to find out about the spouse of the native. It shows wife, married life and social status of in-laws.

    Some secrets of predictive astrology are hidden in the use of this divisional chart. Normally, no prediction should be made without confirming it from the Navamsha. The Navamsha chart is said to be the detailed view of the 9th house and therefore the hidden things related to our destiny. It shows the livelihood, profession, social status, position, power and authority. The placement of the tenth lord of the birth chart is analysed in this chart. Apart from that the rashi rising in the 10th house of this divisional chart and the influence on the 10th house is to be considered, for predicting the professional growth or fall of the native.

    Like any other divisional chart this one has to be seen along with the birth chart. Respective longevity of both the parents can be understood from this chart. Also seen for native's relationship with parents. The paternal influence and help from parents is also seen from this chart.